I am Kodiak.

Archaeologist, astronomer, student at the School of Human Evolution and Social Change; ASU.

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Feedmau5 at Phoenix ComicCon 2014

A month and a half of alot of trouble and it was worth it. Shout out to my buddy kodiakus for dealing with me while I made my head. Thanks brother, I couldn’t have done it without ya. 

If you find your cosplay here please feel free to reblog! I loved everyone that took pictures with me and me taking pictures with you!

I was too busy remembering that the Yacht Club was on some subdivision street that had the balls to call itself “Appian Way,” and I’d be furious in the back seat thinking no goddamn Roman legion ever marched down that stupid street, just those selfish Hot Wheels Merc sports models with seats for two people, selfish rich bastards. “Appian Way”! The nerve of those developers. By The War Nerd